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Addressing Behaviour


The best way to address behaviour is to take an approach which looks at both the student and the school environment, rather than focus on the student alone. If the school has adopted school-wide positive behaviour support practices, then tier one strategies will already be in place to teach, support and reward pro-social behaviour. For more information about tier one strategies and school-wide positive behaviour support, click here.

If these basic supports are already in place and the student is showing behaviours which are of concern, the next step is to gather more information about what is happening for the student using a simple A-B-C chart. This gives the teacher a clear idea of what the student is experiencing and likely reasons for their behaviour. For more information about gathering data, click here. For more information on possible reasons for behaviour, click here.

If the information has already been gathered and the teacher has decided on a likely cause for the behaviour, it is possible to create a specific and planned response.