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About Autism Spectrum DisordeR

People with ASD often have sensory issues – they may be under-sensitive or over-sensitive to any of the seven senses. ASD affects the way that people are able to interact with others and they often find the world to be a confusing place.


Every person with ASD has a unique combination of characteristics and so two people with the same diagnosis may present very differently. All students with ASD should be provided with support which facilitates access to learning on the same basis as a student without a disability. The kind of strategies which will enable this to happen may vary widely for different students. Deciding which strategies to apply is dependent on a sound understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder and the student's particular needs. 

This section of the website provides information for teachers about Autism Spectrum Disorder and how it may impact on students academically and socially. For more information, click on the tabs above.