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Does my Student have

Autism Spectrum Disorder?

 If you suspect that your student has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) it is important to communicate your concern clearly to parents/carers so that the student can be referred for assessment by medical professionals. Your school may have a procedure for notifying parents of concerns. If you are unsure, ask a member of the leadership team for advice on the best way to approach the process. It can be helpful to gather some evidence to support your perspective, so that there is something tangible to show to colleagues and the student’s parents/carers. Such evidence might take the form of observational notes, samples of work or even footage of the student.


Generally, it is helpful begin with a meeting between school staff and the student’s parents/carers to discuss concerns about the student. Depending on the individual student’s situation, there may be various outcomes of the meeting. The student may commence an assessment process through the health system.

If a student is diagnosed as having ASD, there may be eligibility for funding under the Program for Students with Disabilities. For more information about the Program for Students with Disabilities, see the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development document here.


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If your student has a diagnosis of ASD but you do not feel that the diagnosis is accurate, click here.