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This site is specific to people with Aspergers Syndrome but offers good explanations about executive function and how to support students 


The National Autistic Society, in the United Kingdom webpage - “ASD and Organising, Sequencing and Prioritising”


 “Executive Function and School Performance: A 21st Century Challenge” and information page aimed at parents. It explains the academic impact of issues with executive function, and suggesting ways to help their child to develop skills in this area


Description of Weak Central Coherence on Scottish Autism website


“Information Processing/Learning Style” information page – Positive Partnerships


Amaze (Autism Victoria) is the peak body for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Victoria. The organisation’s website contains extensive information on a variety of topics related to ASD 


The links above are provided as suggested sources of helpful information. However, due to the changing nature of the internet, these sources may have changed or become outdated. Amaze is unable to vouch for the currency or veracity of information provided on third-party websites.