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Sensory Processing

People with sensory processing difficulties may not be able to:

  1. receive accurate information from their senses
  2. interpret, understand or organise this information
  3. respond to this information in a “suitable” way which adapts to context 

 Many people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) experience difficulties with sensory processing. The information from our seven senses provides awareness of our bodies and the world around us.


A person with sensory processing difficulties may be over-sensitive or under-sensitive to the information their senses provide. They may process only some parts of the information, misinterpret this information, or they may simply need additional time to process the information their senses are receiving.  


Click here for a list of indicators that your student may have sensory processing difficulties.


So why doesn’t the student just tell me that they have sensory issues?

  • Your student may not have insight into the causes of their distress or behaviour.
  • Your student may assume that everyone already knows (see Theory of Mind).
  • Your student may not have the communication skills to express what is going on for them.
  • Your student may be too overwhelmed/upset to have the energy for such a discussion.