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Student Support Groups

The Student Support Group (SSG) is central to the process of ensuring that the educational and social needs of students are met.


The SSG is made up of the people who have knowledge of the student and can contribute to creating their educational plan. According to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Guidelines, the aims of the Student Support Group are to:

  • “ensure that those with the most knowledge of, and responsibility for the student, work together to establish shared goals for the student’s educational future
  • plan reasonable adjustments for the student to access the curriculum and participate in their education,
  • provide educational planning that is ongoing throughout the student’s school life
  • monitor the progress of the student.


The Student Support Group is responsible for:

  • identifying the student’s needs
  • determining any adjustments to be made to the curriculum
  • planning an appropriate educational program
  • developing an Individual Learning Plan
  • discussing the plan with teachers and provide support to implement the learning plan
  • providing advice to the principal concerning the additional educational needs of the student and the types of resources required to meet these needs
  • reviewing and evaluating the student’s program once per term, and at other times if requested by any member of the group.”


Having all of these people at the meeting may be unnecessary. Consider that the parents/carers may feel more comfortable in a smaller group. Consult parents about their preferences for who will attend. It is good practice to provide all participants with an outline of the areas that will be discussed well in advance of the meeting so that everyone has a chance to consider their contributions.

During the SSG, it is important to take notes so that there is a record of the discussion and which parties will be responsible for particular tasks. At the first SSG meeting of the year, staff can arrange with the parents a system for regular, clear communication between home and school about the student’s learning, behaviour and day-to-day organisation. For some suggestions about methods of communication between home and school, click here.