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Using the ILP for Planning

The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) sets out specific learning goals which will support the student to access learning in the classroom. Teaching these skills and encouraging their development should occur during lessons in every curriculum area. It is not appropriate to work towards the learning goals purely in isolation.

In the weekly planner, add a section to each lesson plan which describes the learning goals which will be addressed during the lesson and a short description of how this will occur. During one or two lessons each week the teacher should conduct an assessment or focused, recorded observation to track the student’s progress towards the learning goals.


For example: Fred’s learning goal is “By 10th June, during whole-class instruction, while sitting on the floor with peers, Fred will listen to the teacher and raise his hand or place his hands on his head in response to teacher requests such as “put up your hand if you have the letter r in your name”, for up to five minutes.”.

Below is an example of how this goal can be incorporated into a mathematics lesson plan.