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Working With Families

Working with the family often begins with organising a Student Support Group (SSG) meeting at the beginning of the school year. However, where possible, it is excellent practice for teachers to organise a meeting with parents/carers as soon as they are aware that they will be teaching the student in the future, so that a transition plan can be formulated before the student enters a new classroom.

Whenever the first contact between the teacher and the family occurs, this first meeting is an important opportunity to develop a positive working relationship with parents/carers and to build your knowledge of the student. It is vital to follow up the initial meeting with regular communication. Consider negotiating a method for regular communication with the family in advance of the transition.

Parents and carers are often expert in describing their child’s particular strengths and challenges. They may put teachers in contact with specialists or allied health professionals who can supply important insights into the best way to design the student’s learning programme. Families are often able to reinforce the student’s academic and social learning at home, and supply information about the student’s perspectives. Families also offer much-needed emotional support and encouragement to students, which is essential for learning and developing resilience.

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