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Working with Families


The education of any student is a team effort. When school staff and parents/carers work in partnership, the student benefits on many levels.


Clear, regular communication between home and the school will ensure that the teacher is able to clearly share information about both the student’s academic and social progress. Parents/carers who receive this information are able to contribute to an ongoing conversation about how best to meet the student’s changing needs. This is the ideal situation – parents and teachers are as informed as possible, which makes it easier to cater for the student proactively.


When parents/carers are aware of the content of their child’s social-skills program, they are better able to support the student’s learning at home. This can take the form of informal conversations about skills currently being taught, or more structured support. Families may be able to assist with role-modelling for the student how to use specific social skills, and coach the student to transfer the new behaviour to other contexts. Conversely, when teachers are aware of social skills which the family are introducing at home, it is possible to reinforce the use of these skills in the school environment.


Parents/carers are sometimes able to apply behaviour support strategies used at school (such as reward charts or the use of visual schedules) so that the student benefits from a consistent approach.